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Luzerne Bank Board of Directors

Joseph Kluger

Joseph E. Kluger, Esquire

Managing Principal of Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn P.C.
Director Since 2006
James Clemente

James Clemente, CPA

Director Since 2012
Robert Edgerton

Robert G. Edgerton, Jr.

Former President & CEO of Luzerne Bank
Director Since 2015
Patricia Castellano

Patricia Finan Castellano

Private Consultant
Director Since 2007
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Robert Gill, CPA

Partner of Thomas M. Gill & Company
Director Since 2019
Richard Grafmyre

Richard A. Grafmyre, CFP®

Director Since 2013

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Brian L. Knepp, CPA

President of PWB

Director Since 2017

Gary Lamont

Gary F. Lamont

President - Luzerne Bank 
Director Since 2011
Robert Lawrence

Robert G. Lawrence, CPA

Director Since 1998
John Nackley

John G. Nackley, Sr.

President and CEO of InterMetro Industries Corporation
Director Since 2007


Jill Schwartz

Jill F. Schwartz

Senior Partner of Wyoming Weavers & President of Fortune Fabrics
Director Since 2006
Angelo Terrano

Angelo C. Terrana, Jr., Esquire

Director Since 2007