Be on the lookout for bank imposters, Luzerne Bank will never ask you to send money to yourself or anyone else via ZelleĀ®.

Internet Banking FAQ

With Internet Banking you'll have access to your account(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort and convenience of your home and office. You'll be able to:

Benefits of Enrolling in Internet Banking

  • Check account balance(s)
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make payments to your Luzerne Bank loan(s) and review loan activity
  • Place Stop Payments on accounts
  • View account statements - stored securely online for 1 year
  • View image of checks and deposit stubs
  • View Current Day Information on account(s) - basic account information, current balance, available balance, account interest rate, statement information

Other Services Available with Internet Banking

  • Bill Payment - Pay your bills online; no checks, no stamps. Schedule recurring bills or individual bills.

  • Mobile Banking - Access Internet Banking more efficiently on your mobile device with Mobile Banking.

  • Text Banking - View your account balance(s) and transaction history on your cell phone with Text Banking

  • E-Statements - Eliminate mail clutter by receiving your account statements electronically. By signing up for E-Statements you'll receive an email notifying you of when the statement is available on Internet Banking. E-Statements are available online for up to 1 year and are available in several file formats.

How to Sign-up for Internet Banking

To sign-up for Internet Banking simply complete the Internet Banking Application and submit.  If you would prefer, you can visit any Luzerne Bank branch and complete an application in the lobby.

You can sign up for Internet Banking Bill Payment using the Internet Banking Application.

All applications will be submitted to the Internet Banking Support Department and will be processed on the next business day:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Wednesday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM; Excluding Federal Holidays.

Any questions or comments concerning your application can be directed to the Internet Banking Support Department available at [email protected] or 800-447-9464.

After the application is received and processed, a letter containing your Internet Banking ID and a separate letter containing your Internet Banking PIN/Password will be mailed within one to two business days of each other.  Once you receive these mailers you can log into your Internet Banking Account and begin using Luzerne Bank's Internet Banking system.

How to Login to/Setup Internet Banking

/To login to your Internet Banking Account you will need to have both your Internet Banking ID and your Internet Banking PIN/Password, both of which you should have received in the mail in separate letters, within one to two business days of each other (depending on the postal service).

Go to and enter your Internet Banking ID in the Internet Banking Login section on the right-hand side of the home page.  Click the white arrow in the green square to Submit.
This will take you to a page that will ask for your Internet Banking PIN/Password.  Enter your password and click "Submit."

Change PIN/Password

The first time you access your account you will be asked to change your Internet Banking PIN/Password.  Your Password must be between 8 and 25 characters using a combination of letters and numbers, upper and lower case.


You will be asked to select an image called a Watermark from a gallery of images.  This is simply another level of security.  Should you login to Internet Banking and the Watermark is not the one you choose double-check that you used the correct Internet Banking ID.  If you still do not see your Watermark, contact Internet Banking Support immediately and DO NOT enter any more information on the site.

Change/Confirm Email Address

Finally you will be asked to change or confirm your email address.  This address will be used to notify you of when your E-Statements will be available.

Change ID (optional)

Don't think you can remember the Internet Banking ID we supplied?  Click the "Options" tab.  This will take you to a page that will allow you to change your Internet Banking ID as well as your email address, watermark image, and Internet Banking PIN/Password.

Setup PIN/Password Reset Question & Answer (optional)

Under the options tab you can also set up your PIN/Password Question & Answer.  This will allow you to reset your password should you forget it.

Without the PIN/Password Question & Answer set up only Internet Banking Support can reset your password, and only during business hours.  You will not be able to reset your password if your account becomes dormant (after 180 of not logging into your account).  If your account becomes dormant you will need to contact Internet Banking Support at [email protected] or 800-447-9464 to have your account reset.

How to Reset Password

When you first setup your Internet Banking Account you should have provided a PIN/Password Reset Question & Answer located under the "Options" tab. (See How to Login to/Set up Internet Banking for directions on how to setup your PIN/Password Reset Question & Answer).

To reset your password, click "Reset Forgotten Password" where you're asked to supply your Internet Banking PIN/Password.  You will be asked to provide your Internet Banking ID, email address associated with your account, and an Email Subject line. Click "Submit."

You will receive a confirmation message indicating that you should soon receive an email with instructions on how to reset your PIN/Password.

Open email and follow directions.  You will be navigated to a webpage that will ask you to supply your Internet Banking ID, and the answer to your PIN/Password Reset Question.  Click "Submit."

You will then be asked to provide a new PIN/Password.  Click "Submit."  A confirmation message will appear verifying that your password has been reset.  Click "Go to Login Page."

If you do not setup the PIN/Password Reset Question & Answer you will need to contact the Internet Banking Support Department at [email protected] or 800-447-9464 Passwords will only be reset during our business hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; excluding Federal holidays

For this reason it is highly recommended that you setup your PIN/Password Reset Question & Answer.

Dormant accounts (not having logged into your Internet Banking account after 180 days) must be reset by Internet Banking Support.