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VISA® Card Services

Luzerne Bank Credit Card – VISA®

There are many benefits to having a Luzerne Bank VISA® Credit Card to help manage your household finances. We offer a variety of credit cards to meet your personal financial needs. Pick up a Luzerne Bank VISA® Credit Card brochure for more details.

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Luzerne Bank Check Card – VISA®

The Luzerne Bank Check Card offers you a simple, safe way to access your money in your account and pay for your purchases.

Save Money

  • No annual fees to have the card
  • No fees to make a purchase
  • No fees when used at a Luzerne Bank ATM
  • No need to buy checks


  • Use it anywhere VISA® is accepted
  • Save time by not writing checks

You can use your Luzerne Bank Check Card to withdraw cash, transfer between accounts, make a Luzerne Bank loan payment or check your account balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although the Luzerne Bank Check Card carries the VISA® logo, it is not a credit card. Every purchase made with the card is debited from your Luzerne Bank account, eliminating monthly credit card bills and finance charges.