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Text Banking User Guide

NOTE:  You must have a Luzerne Bank account and Internet Banking to sign up for Text Banking.  Luzerne Bank does not charge any fees for Text Banking and is not responsible for any fees you may incur.  Check with your service provider before signing up for Text Banking.

Step 1:  Locate the Mobile Text Settings widget

Log into your Internet Banking account.  (1.) Click tab labeled “Options”.  (2.) Click tab labeled “Mobile Banking”.  (3.) Click “Text Mobile Settings” . 

Step 2:  Enter Cell Phone Information

Under the “Text Mobile Settings” tab you should see the “Mobile Text Settings” widget. 

Check “Enable text access for your mobile device” if not already checked. 

Check “Accept Luzerne Bank Text Banking Terms and Conditions” after reading the terms and conditions.  Link is provided to right hand side of check box.

Next, enter your Mobile Phone Number (10 digits).

 From the drop down select your mobile provider.

Step 3:  Choose Accounts and Mobile Short Name

Now you need to choose which accounts you want to communicate with.  Check only the accounts you want to access with Text Banking.  Accounts are listed in the left-hand column.  In the right-hand column you will need to select your Mobile Short Name.

A Mobile Short Name is the name you will enter in your texts to select information from a specific account.  Names should be short and easy to remember.

Step 4:  Complete Text Banking Setup

Once you have completed Steps 2 and 3, click “Submit”.  After clicking submit you will receive a text message from Luzerne Bank that states “In order to confirm your subscription for this service you must reply with “YES” to this text message”.  Type yes and send.

Within a few seconds of sending the enrollment confirmation text message, could be longer depending on your cell service, you will receive a text message back from Luzerne Bank Text Banking with instructions for using the Text Banking service.

Step 5:  Understanding Text Commands

Text Commands are needed to communicate with your accounts using Luzerne Bank Text Banking. 

Account Balance – Text BAL (not case-sensitive) and you’ll receive a text with all balances of accounts you established in Step 3.  Text BAL along with the Mobile Short Name of an account and you’ll receive the balance of ONLY that account.

Account History – Text HIST and you’ll receive an individual text containing four most recent transactions for each account you established in Step 3.  Text HIST along with the Mobile Short Name of an account and you’ll receive a text containing four most recent transactions for ONLY that account.

HELP Command – Text HELP and you’ll receive a list of the Text Commands.

STOP Command – Text STOP and you’ll cancel your Text Banking capabilities.