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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

With Luzerne Bank Internet Banking and internet capabilities on your cell phone, you’ll want to sign up for Mobile Banking*.  It’s simple and makes viewing your account while on the go more convenient.  You can sign up for Mobile Banking through Internet Banking.

1.) Sign into internet banking

2.) Select Options from top menu

3.) Under Options select Mobile Banking

4.) Click “Enable web access for your mobile device”

5.) Select text message alerts preference, mobile phone number and wireless provider

6.) Select the accounts you want to access from your mobile device

7.) Click “Submit”


NOTE:  Must have a Luzerne Bank account and Internet Banking to sign up for Mobile Banking.

Text Banking

If you’ve ever questioned the funds in your account you’ll love this Internet Banking option!

Text Banking* is a great feature for anyone on the go.  A quick text to Luzerne Bank Text Banking will keep you up to date on your account balance and the last four transactions.  You can set up multiple accounts with code names and access any of those accounts with your phone.

Signing up is quick and easy just follow this Text Banking User Guide.

NOTE:  Must have a Luzerne Bank account and Internet Banking to sign up for Text Banking.



*Check with your cell phone provider before accessing these options.  Luzerne Bank does not charge fees for this service but your cell phone provider may.  Luzerne Bank is not responsible for any fees you may be charged for by your cell phone provider.