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About Us

Founded in 1907 during the time Wilkes-Barre fueled the American Industrial Revolution and every Wyoming Valley bank boasted a local board of directors, Luzerne Bank is the last remaining of the old independent banks in Luzerne County.

Today, the Greater Wyoming Valley’s economy is diversified, but Luzerne Bank continues to be managed by a local board of directors.

As with any company history, the story of Luzerne Bank is the story of people and the community. Luzerne Bank’s founding directors and early shareholders played leading roles in industry and commerce, particularly on the West Side. Today, our directors and staff continue to play active roles in the Wyoming Valley community.

We continue to provide the Wyoming Valley with traditional banking services, business financing and home mortgages. Luzerne Bank has continued to keep abreast of the changes in technology over the years, in the products and services offered as well as the delivery channels through which we provide those products and services.

Our bank has enjoyed banking relationships with generations of families.  We are proud to have shareholder families for three and four generations.

It is with gratitude to the Wyoming Valley for over 100 years of trust that we present you with the story of Luzerne Bank, its people and its community.  We hope you will find it both interesting and enjoyable. 

Robert J. Glunk
President & CEO